Generic mind

Friday, June 09, 2006

cultures have always stayed, evolved, changed and made wonders.....

Presently thats taking our country like India for a ride. We are entangled in a web of culture that permits to make a person out of others mind and not of his own creativity. Bright would be the thinking, but more blinding will be its influence. Family bonds are much admired in the world societial arena and the most intimate of the humans on earth. All thats sounds great... but how long and what comfort?

Ford, Mc Donalds, Sony and indian khadhi! matching? Am not convinced... looking out for a dramatic change at some stage. help me out please...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

More beautiful, more energetic and the most short lived.

My dear friends, brothers, sisters and fellow young siblings, we the great future of this wonderful world need to review our lives. For that we are the pillars of economy and socio-cultural advisers of the future.

Are we in stable and balanced living? Think again and you will be put in a chaotic argument. The lives are commonly rested in the worth of currency, than any other. Any person would say the world's top person now as Mr.Bill Gates (or any equivalent)! All others feel inferior and as worthless
fools. Why not view the life's real purpose and the smell of human bond? You have always got another option to work just for the real necessities of your own self and that of your dependents. On the contrary the person feels elite and dignified with his/her workaholic lifestyle. Simple is that, just earn to live and little more (always the content in "Little more" matters!).

This may be mistaken for being aimless or lazy. The concept needs to be viewed differently. Our state of mind needs to be settled at a pace that can give some support for the self. A person in his most present state is more powerful and his own thoughts is highly satisfied. Such a state is the ultimate in winning any cultural/economic race. The glitters and showcases for mis-leading minds heavily influence every activity of ours. Thereby living has taken a different turn with currency priorities and others lives as stepping stones. So, we wish to become those "Top Brass".

Ultimately thats happening! You comment on the future effect ...