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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Booming dream blossoms with stink

Industries all over India is booming in exorbitant rate and all business faces twinkling with hopes. Textiles, Steel works are bright with requirements pouring in from Europe and America. GDP at never before figures have already made good face for politics and fresh ideas unleashing in their industry too.

All these have one beauty in COMMON! That’s India is going to be more polluted and we Indians are sure to be more ugly inside. We shall still admire the beauty of Europe and our future generation too. With consciousness much behind, for unaware of the demands the trend would require and the facilities that could give us more mileage. Industries are working hard against odds that are irrelevant to its growth as well as benefits. These can behave to be the killer(‘s) instincts waiting to drag us back to same dependent phase as the history.

Result would be showing our best brains to still opt for cleaner cities outside India and make the Indian settled brains to think PROUD for no reason!!


At 1:31 AM, Blogger Krishna said...

Prasad, I totally agree with you. What you have said is true and me too thought about this sometime back. I read an article by Mr.Nandan, CEO of Infosys recently ( I am able a visible connection inbetween both (urs and nandan's)- Read it.

According to me, your concern can be well addressed by doing a thing, which is most difficult in the world and that too in India. Changing the attitude of the people. We can still lead a clean life, but we dont bother, rather feel comfortable showing fingures on others. Everyone is clean according to themselves, but how many think that we should keep our eco system clean. Technically speaking what US and UK contributes to atomosphere destruction is largest and ours and china is too small, for that matter too good. We emit only in single digit percentages.
The atomosphere can be saved and protected, provided when are you and I going to change (You and I, here I mean is SOCIETY).


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